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Sharita Camiell Thomas, public servant, coach, strategist, and operations subject matter expert was born and raised on the Southside of Chicago, IL.  She loves God, her family, traveling, music, the ocean, anything sparkly, and the color hot pink. 


At an early age she possessed a strong will and desire to live life without limits and on her own terms. In her youth Sharita resolved that she would spend her later years in New York City. As an adolescent she did not have the capacity to understand that life would be filled with many twists and turns, nevertheless she remained focused on the end goal, New York City. Sharita began her academic pursuits believing that obtaining a good education and receiving a good job would be a guaranteed path to success in this life, but she quickly discovered on her journey that was far from her truth.


Three days after graduating law school, knowing that she was destined to be a New Yorker, Sharita moved to New York City.  The move would be the catalyst by which she would come to understand and actively pursue, the relationship God had been longing to have with her since childhood. New York City would be the place where the scales would be removed from Sharita’s eyes in order for her come to understand how valuable she was to God; and finally allow Him to move in her life in a way that would begin to reshape every fiber of her being.  New York City was the place where Sharita would dedicate her life to Jesus Christ through baptism and actively begin her walk-in ministry, accepting the call of Minister and Elder when the time came.


While serving in ministry, the obligation to answer the call to social justice would become just as loud as her call to answer to ministry, so when Sharita received the word from God to move to Baltimore, MD, she realized she was being ushered into a new area and level of servanthood.  Sharita would end her tenure in the nonprofit arena and move into the Public Sector taking a role with the City of Baltimore. While with the City Sharita would serve as Deputy Director under the leadership of three Mayors within the Office of Civil Rights, Human Services, and Children and Family Success. 

Sharita believes that knowledge is power and is a proponent of academic excellence and higher education but does not believe that anything should attempt to be a substitute for the teaching and leading of the Holy Spirit.  She is a certified life coach and during the course of her academic studies has earned a Bachelor’s in Business Administration from Langston University; two Masters degrees one in Business Administration and Community Development with a concentration in Urban Planning from Prairie View A&M University; a Juris Doctor from Texas Southern University Thurgood Marshall School of Law; and is pursuing a Masters of Arts in Religious Leadership and Administration; and a Doctorate of Ministry from New York Theological Seminary in Harlem New York. 


Sharita received her license as Minister from Tabernacle of Divine Deliverance and Worship, Brooklyn, New York under the leadership of Apostle Althea Walker.  She went on to accept the call to Eldership with Greater Heights of Prayer International  Dover, Delaware under the leadership of Apostle Geraldine Pierce and is answering the call to Pastor & Office of the Prophet under the Greater Heights of Prayer International Fellowship under the leadership of Apostle Geraldine Pierce. Sharita is grateful to everyone who has played a role in her ministry journey.


Sharita  has a deep love for God’s people, and her heart’s desires are that people come to develop a relationship with God free of religion and legalism; and to see people walk in the liberty and freedom of a life more abundantly promised in the Word of God. She has come to realize that anyone can quote the WORD, but not everyone can LIVE the WORD.


Sharita strongly believes that she has been called and preserved to advance the Kingdom of God, and she lives by this scripture “For unto whomsoever much is given, of him shall be much required: and to whom men have committed much, of him they will ask the more.” (Luke 12:48) 

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