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Learning To Trust The Process

Everyday is a new day, a day we have yet to experience, and one that we are unable to repeat. Knowing that, how often have you started the day full of hope, excitement, with plans of productivity? However, by the middle of the day, everything has gone astray and you are just praying for the day to end, so that you can rest and start fresh the next day.

I am speaking of a day where it took all the energy and emotional energy you had, so much so that when you reflect on all that you experienced in that day, you become exhausted all over again. It's understood that this will happen occasionally, but when you find that it happens on a regular basis, it is time to inventory your plans, choices, and decisions.

If you find that your day has regularly taken control of you, it is time for you to take back control of it. It is not enough to just go through life and allow it to lead you in any direction it pleases. If your day is consistently overtaken by emergencies, calamity, and chaos, constant running around, or tending to the needs of others at the expense of your own. It is time for some self love and selfcare.

Which means you must stop and step back and observe your surroundings/activities from a different perspective. Why do I say stop and step back? I am glad you asked! Sometimes when you are in the thick of things you are unable to see clearly. If you never get the opportunity to see clearly, then you will not make the necessary adjustments.

The image above represents many things for me. Fearlessness, nature, freedom, fun, adventure, and even if you can not see it at the moment, I am gonna help you out. Faith! Yes Faith! When this young person jumped off that cliff, they had faith in the fact that they would be okay once they hit that water, so they leaped.

If we examined our youth, chances are there were some moments where we were adventurous and took risks, believing that we would be okay. We connected with nature outside, we were fearless, and free, and we had fun. Unfortunately, as we grew older and life happened we viewed risks differently. We exchanged fearlessness for fearfulness, we stopped connecting with nature as much. We put down adventure for safe, and we abandoned freedom for captivity. I am not talking about the responsibilities of adulting, but I am speaking about how we experience life as adults.

Have you ever stopped to wonder, when and how you lost consistent control of your day? Have examined the patterns of your days, weeks, months, or years? Do you ever stop think about, why you do what you do? We have created many processes and cycles that we so naturally fall into and end engage with so effortless, while they seem harmless they are stripping us of our identify. We become a watered down version of who we were created to be. We are comfortable yet hurting and too afraid of change to make the adjustment.

What if I told you there was an abundant life waiting just for you? Would you jump at the opportunity to connect with it, or would you question yourself out of the thought to where it was no longer appealing? Regardless of where you are in the answer, be encouraged Jesus shared with us in John 10:10 the abundant life made available to us!

For each of us that abundant life looks differently, but it's beautiful and filled with amazing experiences that are life changing. All you have to do is be willing to accept it, walk in it, and trust the process.

Often times we blame God for the decisions we have made and the circumstances we have created, that He had no hand in, because we failed to consult Him. Down the road it is difficult to pivot and attribute Him to the abundant life we have read or heard about in the Word of God, because we stopped trusting Him. I am glad God is faithful even when we are not, because that abundance was made available to all who would partake of it.

If we measure our level of abundance or lack thereof against the word of God we now have a roadmap. Earlier in this post you noticed I utilized the word DAY quite about. If we only look at the day as a day instead of an opportunity we are prone to undervalue or misappropriate it, even with all of our grand planning and amazingness. Which is why when it is shot, we are looking to get through it and get to the next day.

John 10:10 starts with the objective of the thief, to kill steal and destroy, but what in particular? Pay close attention to how one trying day turns into two, days to weeks, weeks to months, months to years, and years to decades. That is a lot of time to allow someone to steal from you! Thank about what you could do with that? Begin to view your time as currency, and your job is to safeguard it to make regular deposits into your bank of abundance.

A shift is not possible without God and the Holy Spirit, repent, invite them into your life and day (at the start of it works best!). Seek their counsel in your decision making! Allow them to help you reclaim your day and time, so that you begin to feel and see the abundant life waiting just for you.

Always Remember to Live in Purpose, On Purpose!

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