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Have you ever felt like there is more to life than what you are currently
experiencing? Like you could be doing so much more? Have you made attempts
to accomplish more and be more, yet struggled with the consistency to obtain
transformational change? That was me for many years, Until….
God got my undivided attention. As I began to take the journey with God instead
of trying to do things my way. He showed me, Me! God revealed that I had
accomplished and accumulated many things in the natural, but I was suffocating
Spiritually. He also revealed that the heaviness that I was experiencing was my
spirit grieving! I learned that I had created an identity so far outside of who God
created me to be. There was a plan and purpose for my life, but I was walking
parallel with it. For many years staring it right in the face, but refusing to align
myself with it, but Why?
I experienced so much hardship, pain, and suffering, in my life that I refused to
allow myself to feel or connect to anyone or anything that resembled it. I
concluded that suffering was unnecessary and worked to avoid it at all costs.
That was a costly make. I could not appreciate the fact that hardship, pain, and
suffering where part of my process, they were what made me unique. Each and
every one of those experiences were designed to prepare and fortify me for the
path that was designed specifically for me and with God’s help not only would I
be victorious, but I would come out stronger, wiser, and more confident in God’s
ability than my own.
Needless to say one day on a lonely Damascus Road in Harlem New York, God
would blind me to begin the process of changing my perspective. Once the scales
were removed from my eyes, I would begin to see and experience life differently.
My reverence for God was different and my desire to be connected to Him was
ignited. The more I connected with Him the more He revealed, and I was slowly
introduced to me. Through that relationship The Real Live Girl was born. I
learned that in my past I settled for far less than I deserved. It was shocking to
discover that the things, I had worked so hard for in life were not my true desires,
but instead were things that I thought I needed to be more accepted by others
and to excel in life.

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Once I was reintroduced to me, I noticed that my desires and priorities changed because I changed. It took some time, but as I embraced the

change, even though it was different, it felt natural. I no longer had to be anyone other than myself.

The Real Live Girl is a ministry designed to assist God’s people with creating and nurturing a healthy and authentic relationship with God, themselves, and others. Many have fallen out of fellowship and relationship with God, because of pain or hurt usually connected to some level of trauma, extreme disappointment, or rejection. If the relationship is never reconciled, then the chance of building a life outside of God becomes inevitable.

In my journey God revealed to me that it was more important for me to live a life with Him, than it was to live a life without Him in the world. But first I had to learn to live instead of existing. That took A LOT of work, I had to learn to let down my guard and practice being vulnerable and authentic (with how I was choosing to show up in the world versus who I knew I could be). The more consistent I became with practicing the two, the less anxiety I had about the change that was longing for, and the evolution became smoother. During the process I was able to connect with God in amazing ways, each day I showed up willing, He met me right there. Our relationship was strengthened and so was my trust in Him.

It is never too late or early in life, for you to walk in purpose and authenticity. I invite you to join me on this journey of self-discovery…I cannot wait to meet you!

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